Monday, June 05, 2006

June is the new May

OK, you didn't really expect it to come in May, did you? I mean, its me. I always set myself up to fail like this. To let you nice people down.

But here is the deal. Its done. I just have to mix it so it doesn't sound like crap (right now it sounds like crap). I will start taking orders on the website on June 16, and will ship June 26.

There will be two editions: The basic edition which is the CD. The deluxe edition has a deluxe bonus instrumental CD and a deluxe fold out insert with all of the deluxe lyrics. So you can rap along with me. Shirts will also be available with the logo, seperately or as a big bonus pack. This wont be widely available in stores - strictly websites and indie stores. Deluxe edition on ONLY.

I really had a good time with this. Its pretty fun. I'm not calling it a mixtape because its not that disposable - there are some really good songs here. A few are serious - Alpha Flight is about the Canadian identity. Save the Kiddies is about our disillusioned youth and the lack of any real youth movement. But mostly its pretty light - Cereal For Dinner (about how I ate like shit in university), Birthday Check from Jesus, So Scared (my verse is about Hot Dogs, J-Mart raps about Denny's). There is a Nirvana cover. Bird is on it. Cadence Weapon is on it. Josh Martinez too.

The beats are pretty light. Banging. I sample pretty heavily, some of it has been used. Stuff I wouldn't use on an album. But I'm not just jacking 12" instrumentals here, these are all fully produced with original drum tracks and my own arrangements. You'll find them to be a bit funkier and far less dense.

So it isn't the new mcenroe album - that project will be far more ambitious. I'm not breaking any ground here, I'm having a good time. Its like a lite album, the diet coke of albums, with no aftertaste. I hope you like it.