Thursday, August 12, 2010

August 2010 already...

I havent done an update to this thing in a while. Its like I need some big news to pull the trigger on an update. Well maybe its time to rethink that. Here is whats up.

I went in with a buddy and got a Canon T2i camera. So a lot of my energy has gone into shooting some music videos. Last month Nestor Wynrush was out in Van and we shot a video for High Park Sunrise. Then I went to Winnipeg and shot 4 videos, two for Yy and two for John Smith. One of them includes the entire Break Bread crew (except Gruf and me, I stayed behind the camera). Finally I shot a video for a new mcenroe track called Keeping The Faith, and am planning on shooting another for a song called Gearing Up For Getting Down. So I have 6 videos waiting to be edited right now.

My EP is called The paper Champion. It will be released Sept 21, 2010. I am working on a bonus disc with instrumentals, dub versions and a bonus cut or two. The EP has five songs and four interludes for nine tracks in all. The only guest is Yy.

Yy's LP is in the final mastering stages and will out late october or early november. It is called "tape it back together"

John Smith's LP is recorded and now I gotta finish the beats. It will be out ib early 2011.

My son is amazing. So fun and so funny.

Been watching Breaking Bad, I am a fan. Entourage has passed its best before date. Other than that I dont watch much TV.

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so long, stay tuned