Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Why I am not giving my albums away for free. Sorta.

Late last year and early this year, I put a number of P&C albums on bandcamp for pay-whatever pricing. No minimum. At the time I figured - why not? Sales have been slow, I don't depend on album sales to make a living these days, so why not?

I have come up with a reason why not, so let me see if I can explain.

I recently offered up my new EP, "Hello, World!" for free download. The catch was that you had to email me personally and ask for it. And I have had hundreds of emails requesting the record. Which I am thrilled with. Many people took a few extra minutes to tell me they appreciated me making music, were glad to hear that I had something new, or to tell me how long they had been fans. Some people really went into depth about what my music meant to them, or how they could relate to my present situation of having less and less time to make music.

Many people also took the time to let me know what they thought of the record. No one emailed me back to say it sucks, so thats good… though if you had the balls to email the artist directly and say his record sucks, well hats off to you!

Anyway, all of this interaction was fantastic for me. Because I don't tour, this was a great way to know people are out there, and will make a bit of time in their busy lives to hear what I am up to. Awesome.

So anyway, back to the bandcamp thing, and the free download thing.

So how many times have people downloaded a free P&C album in 6 or so months of bandcamp? A few hundred. How many paid something? A couple dozen.

And thats what I have to show for it. A bit of paypal loot and stats. Stats. Thats it.

Stats aren't worth it, to me. To me, music has value. The music I produce has value and is worth more than statistics. And the value doesn't have to be money. But when I look at a page and see that my records been downloaded X amount of times, and thats it, who cares? Is that why I do this?

No. I do this to know that my music is worth something to someone. And if you wanna take the time to email me, thats enough. If you want to open your wallet, thats enough too I guess. But a log of download links isn't enough for me to keep going.

Does that make sense?

So last call for the no minimum at bandcamp, get it while you can. But you can email me anytime at roddy *at* mcenroe *dot* net and ask for the Hello, World, EP. Or something else if you really want it. Because if you take the time to ask for something, I will take the time to respond, and hook you up, on a one to one level.

P&C bandcamp ->

Also, read this article on thetrichordist. My mind was blown.

Peace, my friends!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Soundcloud fun

OK so hey, whats up? I uploaded some tracks onto soundcloud for you to check out. here goes...

First is a track from my new EP, "Hello, World!". It drops next tuesday, the 26th of June. Its called "Stack Silver". I started looking into silver prices, and if you look into silver at all, on the internets, it wont be long until worlds like "collapse" "Fiat currency" "meltdown" and more enter the picture. Pretty interesting.

Next is from the new John Smith LP. It's called "Vandalize The Temple". It kind of became one of my favorite tracks on the new record, and I ended up singing a hook on it. If you heard the beat how it was recorded to in 2010, and how it ended up, you would probably be surprised.

Next is a couple of abandoned tracks from the 2004 Farm Fresh record, for your mild interest only. The first one, origin, was written about how the three of us (Pip Skid, Hunnicutt, and myself) met and started the group. It was the last song we cut from the record, so it had been produced a little more than just a demo. When it came down to it, Hunnicutt felt that the track wasn't that interesting a subject, and I couldn't disagree. What do you think?

Finally, a track also from the same session, called "Is It Because You're Wack". If I recall correctly, it was sort of a take off of the classic "Is It Because I'm Black" by Syl Johnson, at least on a very light, superficial level. But I don't think we nailed it, and we scrapped it.

OK, thats it for this week. I have plenty more to play you coming soon! Thanks for reading.


Monday, June 11, 2012

Ol' Man Winter

I am happy to announce that the new John Smith record, several years in the making, will see release on July 24th. Of THIS year! Thats just over a month away. Wow! It will be distributed by Urbnet records. I have decided to partner with Urbnet because I want to devote more time to making music. The amount of spare time I have to devote to music is shrinking, and I want all of it to be about making music and not about promoting it or selling it. Urbnet is one of the few labels in Canada that has been consistent and devoted to hip-hop, and I have always respected them. So I am very excited that this record is the first under our new distribution. It makes the future brighter for Peanuts & Corn to continue.

So yeah! Hooray! This is the first bit of news I have for you. I have more news coming...

But let me tell you a little more about this record, and a few other things. We recorded it in 2010 I believe. It has 14 tracks. Its banging. Did you get a chance to check the first video we did, the title track?

There are not a lot of guests on this record. Just Pip Skid, Yy, and Birdapres. I think I may have a hook on there too. But there are some really great songs on this record. I am very proud of it, and I know Smitty is too. Check back next week for an advance track from the record, OK?

Also I wanted to thank all the peeps who took the time to email me and get the link for my new EP, Hello World. I really enjoyed all the people who took the time to reach out and ask for the record. Many of you seemed to be glad that I am making music again. And that just gets me more motivated to keep this going. I miss the personal interaction from touring, so something like this is the only way to know if anyone is out there, listening. And if you took the time to get back to me with your thoughts, positive or negative, I appreciate it.

So I plan to continue to offer Hello World as a free EP for the asking. It will soon be on iTunes and Bandcamp for a fee, and there will be exactly 100 CD copies for sale, which will include the instrumentals. But if you want a free link to the download, I am more than happy to oblige. Just drop me a line at roddy at mcenroe dot net, and tell me something.

Last thing... the last album Smitty and I did was really dope, and in my opinion waaaayyy too slept on. Did you hear it? Its called Growing Pains. If you didn't hear it, I am offering physical copies (CD) for 5 bucks, including shipping, to the US and Canada. If you are elsewhere in the world, lets say 8 bucks. This is a paypal deal only - send 5 bucks and your address to paypal at mcenroe dot net, and I will hook you up. This is a limited time deal, say until July 24? Of THIS year?

Later skaters.

Sunday, June 03, 2012

Hello, World EP!

Hi, its me, mcenroe. I did a new record in the last 6 weeks. It has 4 songs. Do you want to hear it? I'm gonna put it on bandcamp in the next couple of weeks. And I will press up CD copies (but not very many) in the next couple of weeks. And put it on itunes in the next couple of weeks. And hit up blogs and all that.

But its ready now, and I wouldn't mind at all if you heard it.

So if you wanna hear it, how about you just ask me?

Email me at roddy <at> mcenroe <dot> net and I will hook you up. I will send you a link, and you can hear it. And if you are so inclined, you can email me back and tell me if you like it. That would be cool.

Just ask.

And tell me what part of the world you live in, and if you don't want me to add you to the Peanuts & Corn mailing list, tell me that too, or I may just do it.


I've got a lot to tell you guys. Music is a big thing right now. I am working on doing some new partnerships for upcoming records. I'm really excited. I can't wait to tell you. But first I want to tell you about this 4 song EP.

I have been kinda bummed that it is taking me longer and longer to finish records. I get busy, I work on other things, I shoot music videos, I work, I build basement suites, I watch hockey games, I hang out with my lovely wife, play with my lovely children, educate them, all that. Its time consuming man! But still, I have to be able to finish a record. I just have to. Music is too important to me not to.

So I set out to do four songs, and put them out as quick as I can. I know several dudes that can achieve this feat in about 24 hours. For me, it took 6 weeks.

I mean, I gotta make the beats. Then I have to write the songs. And when I write a song, its not easy. Maybe I hold myself to a higher standard, or maybe lyrics just don't flow as quickly from my head as some. Whatever it is, it takes time. I would say a 24 bar verse, if I am feeling inspired, would take about 3 or 4 hours to write. So you need to have that chunk of time, without interruption, with the ability to rap out loud in a working, studio environment. Not so easy for me these days.

Anyway, I wrote these songs and then finished off the beats. And that takes a long time too. I can start about 10 beats in a night. But finishing them? Layering them and having lots of interesting things happen? That takes much more time.

Then I need to find a window of pure quiet in my house, to record the vocals. This is almost impossible. I have a 3 year old and a 5 month old baby. If the baby is in the house, either he is making noise or there can be no noise. And the baby, he doesn't need to leave the house all that often. So I don't get a lot of time in the house to myself to record.

Let me me stress that I am not complaining about how busy my house is. Its awesome. But it makes it a challenge.

Then I gotta mix and master the record. And when I make a mix, I can't listen to it out loud in the house, for the same reasons as above. So I gotta go drive around in my car. And waste gas, I know, its bad. So generally I would only do 1 mix per day. So every little tweak would generate a new mix and add a day to the process.

Anyway, thats why it takes 6 weeks. And here it is. Four songs of brand new mcenroe paranoia and attitude. The tracks are:

Hello, World! - about our ultra dependence on technology.
Last Man Standing - I guess that would be me?
Stack Silver - I'm not saying global financial collapse is imminent, but yo!
You Are A Robot - no , really, you are

So hey, check it out. Let me know what you think. And stay tuned for big news about some records me and my friends at Peanuts & Corn have coming out.