Wednesday, January 26, 2005

NHL in the 05

The sports networks in Canada should offer to pay the rest of the players salaries. Because if they keep showing what they are showing now, they will go out of business. Breaking news:

The Calgary flames players got together and went bowling

Some other player has been installing plastic truck bed liners

Theo fleury is playing in the middle of nowhere, for nothing, and he scores two goals.

Plus they keep showing that pic of Gary Bettman sitting beside Bob Goodenow at that game, and Bettman is acting like a real nancy boy. And that footage of Bettman eating a hot dog. You would think the tape would be worn out by now.

Saturday, January 15, 2005

ebay and duran duran

two posts in one night? shiiiit

I have been clearing out my CD collection lately on eBay. I am addicted to selling on eBay, I don't know why. I may sell my entire collection because selling these CDs is more fun than listening to them for some reason. Here are my auctions:

I am moving CDs for now but I will be putting up a large amount of vinyl this weekend and next week.

I heard Duran Duran is coming to Vancouver and I am tempted to check that out. I am seriously sick - I passed on De La soul a bunch of times, Pete Rock, LLoyd Banks, Beatnuts (I had free tickets to Banks and Beatnuts and still didn't go). But I may spend 60 bucks or more to see Duran Duran? I also want to see R.E.M. and the Pixies. Hall and Oates would be good too!

Friday, January 14, 2005

random thoughts jan 14

Just got back from The Aviator. Good flick. Its the first Scorsese flick I have seen in a long time - and I call myself a fan. I think my wife and I were the youngest people in there.

I made the mistake of heading into Tom Lee (music store) the other day to see whats up. I almost got talked into buying a new preamp with nifty digital outs and a new mic. I am happy with my current preamp (although I wish it had digital outs) but I definitely need a new mic - I bought my current mic used off of Moves a few years back and its OK but I can hear its deficiencies now. Anyway, I have a sickness, seriously thinking about spending another $2000 on gear when my setup is just fine and I don't have that much left to record in the next few months.

The Farm Fresh is finally done and at the press. It's called Time Is Running Out. In my opinion, its hot as hell. Upbeat, fun, funny, catchy. When Pip writes alone he gets very personal and so do I, but together we can keep it lighter (although there is some subject matter on here). Tyler (Hunnicutt) did the cover, check it out:

We recorded the Park-Like Setting and Gruf albums over the holiday too. Now I am back in Vancouver and will be working with Bird on his new record. It never ends! Still havent started San Andreas, too much work to do. Hoping to start it before the end of the month...

Sunday, January 09, 2005

NFL PLayoffs

Not a bad weekend of football!

Chargers / Jets
Poor chargers. That was a heartbreaker. I root for the Jets sometimes and I root for the Chargers sometimes so I was swinging back and forth throughout the game. In the end I was rooting for the Chargers, just because they had a great season, a good turnaround from last year and deserved to keep going.

Seahawks / Rams
Hate the Rams. Really felt for Hassleback on that last play. The look of frustration and agony as the ball slips out of Ingram's hands on the biggest play of the year. Would someone please get him some receivers that can hold on to a ball?

Colts / Broncos
I like the Patriots but I will definitely be rooting for the Colts next week. Indy is so fun to watch on offense. I really think they can find a way to pick apart the Patriots. Whatever happens, the game should be a classic.

Vikings / Packers
I didn't see this coming. Even when the Vikings jumped to a 17-0 lead, I still felt they would lose. They have collapsed so much, so often, that they were bound to finally hang on. Next week I give them a shot against the Eagles. If they can get it together and play a decent defensive game, they could upset the Eagles since the Eagles seem to be lacking in confidence right now.