Saturday, December 04, 2004

post one

here we go, my blog. If this lasts a month, it will be something...

Its Saturday, December 4. Just got back from a gig in Victoria with Birdapres. Big ups to Liam (Knowmatic) and his band for hooking up the gig. The crowd was great, the vibe was good. I love Victoria and playing there has always been good...

Been working on the Farm Fresh album. The album is almost done but we don't have a title yet. Its really been fun. Here are some song examples:

Frail Dale - About the small kid in school who everyone picked on
Downtown - About the decay of downtown Brandon (and other cities)
30 in the club - about us over the hill 30 somethings trying to hang with the college crowd in the clubs
My Ex Girl - The new Hunnicutt solo gem! Sure to be a new classic.

Should be going to press next week with the record, and will be releasing it at the end of February.

I have been finishing the beats for this record with a lite version of Live ( and it has been great. The way you can twist loops to fit has made finishing my beats much more fun and less tedious. It would take weeks to finish a record before, and it was always the hardest part because of all the trial and error. I would spend a whole night trying loops and wind up with nothing. Now the combo of live and Logic 7 makes finishing a track way more fun and creative, not to mention easier. I am about to take the same approach with Gruf's solo album - I expect it to be really fun.

This is my last week in Vancouver for a while, I am going to be in Winnipeg for most of December. I plan to record Gruf's album, write and record the Park-Like Setting album, and maybe even make a mcenroe mixtape (its called "Mastermind"). It will be me remaking some classic beats and having fun writing. I also plan to play a lot of Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas. I have held off on getting that started until I got all of these records finished.

Plus I am watching as much football as possible. I have been into NFL for a while, but now I am getting into NCAA as well. My wife is thrilled... I am in an NFL pickem against by Dad, he is up 4 weekends to 3. I gotta stop picking Arizona.

Been listening to lots of commercial rap lately. Top of the rotation right now is the R Kelly and Jay-Z. Its nothing special but it works. I have never really heard R Kelly before, on this record he doesn't sound all that special as a singer. Jay is solid, beats are solid. Will probably pick up the Nas this week. I saw that it was packaged in a big double jewel case, old school style. ugh.

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Allan L. said...

Hey Rod! Congrats on starting this weblog up. It'll be cool to get your insight on upcoming P & C projects.

Anonymous said...

Love the first blog. If you keep it up I might just tune in every once in a while. By the way, Zach Braff has a cool blog check it out from the Garden State website.

ps got back from the PC review earlier tonight. The show was dope, props on everything and everything else. Props on JS's Santa Clause berating too...