Thursday, May 12, 2005

bad blogger right here

All right I went in to this with the best of intentions, daily updates, unbelievable wit, all that. So far I am coming up short. Its all good, thanks for coming by.

Japan was a trip. Amazing. Big shout outs to St. Louis!

I'm just getting into NBA, go Suns, go Nash. I don't see them beating the Spurs but thats what I will be rooting for.

I got a new cell phone...

I got a PSP too, I got it to play games but I ended up watching tons of TV and movies on it. If you travel even a bit, its great. Cop it!

I'm working on some music videos for two mcenroe songs, a farm fresh song, and more. Can anyone hook me up with an old school pricing gun?


Allan L. said...

Welcome back! More photos, please!

rawbean said...

Awhh that phone is sooo cute.

lason japeyre said...

A Farm Fresh video? Really? Cool...what song will it be for?