Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Lurk On

So many of y'all have mentioned my Japan photos in emails and stuff, but no one leaves comments. It's cool, I can take it, I lurk too.

OK So I'm doing this mixtape right? So is every one else, thats cool, its really fun because I can sample anything and break my own rules. Like I'm sampling Aretha Franklin, David Axelrod, Barry White, Talking Heads, shit that I would never do for a commercial release. How liberating! Anyway its gonna have lots of guests, such as Bird, Josh Martinez, Evil, Cadence Weapon, Stace Prints, Factor (Vancouver Factor), Smitty, Yy, Pip, Gruf. If you see your name on this list and I haven't asked you yet, wanna be on my mixtape?

Shout out to my friends at Shaw Cable. I called to cancel my Internet and things got HEATED. Like yelling at each other at the top of our lungs type shit. Fun!


Jonathan Ball said...

I called Shaw Cable the other day to cancel my television service. they simply couldn't understand. they kept trying to give me a different package and i kept saying "I dislike every single one of the channels you offer" and it ended up getting heated as well.

Matt(Robes) said...

I just finished moving and i decided to go without cable for awhile until i recieve a charming phone call from shaw offering me a 19.99 per month six month offer...sounds good...she asks me if i want to pay through automatic withdrawal (asks)..no prob, she takes down my info..for some reason they start sending me invoices instead of the direct deposit saying that the bank information is incorrect, but still with a bill attached. so i'm thinking fine i'll just pay by way of the invoices..4 months of 19.99 later i recieve a bill for close to 200$! they charged me for my "savings" on the 19.99 for 4 months, a 40$ "late" fee (although i was never late)?, and 100$ or somethin under the guise "entertainment bundle" saying i was ineligible because the girl entered the wrong info and couldnt get my money automatically. needless to say i cancelled and bought a dish, i would've fought it had i had some transportation other then a bike and there only office is in butt$$#@ nowhere. now i steal gladly

rawbean said...

Rod you don't want just anyone posting - have you seen the numbskulls who post over at my blog? What's up with that?

When am I gonna make your homies list?...oh I guess family can't be a homie....boo.

Allan L. said...

What's up with those Shaw motherfuckers?
I have the web at home again for the first time in over two years...I remember when I cancelled originally, they looked at me funny. What can I say? I was, and still am, an internet addict, and it was fuckin' with my education. So I cancelled.
School's done...I plan to keep it until I move the hell outta mom's crib.

sect said...

beat the pussy up beat the pussy up
man i love trhe ying yang twins
yall aint got shit on them
shake it like a saltshaker cmon thats sooo creative
oww i just burnt my lips on my crack pipe bye

Anonymous said...

I canceled Rogers internet this year. I hate Rogers.