Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Best show in a while

Over the weekend I went and saw Damian Marley here in Vancouver. Damn. I enjoyed that show like crazy. Easily the best show I have seen in a long time. If you get the chance to check it out, do it. I have been listening to a lot of reggae and dub lately, so this was the right show at the right time. I will go as far as saying it is in my top 5 shows of all time.

So what are my top five? In no particular order...

Fugazi, Winnipeg, 1991ish
Ice Cube, Minneapolis, 1991ish
Medeski Martin & Wood, Winnipeg, 1995ish?
Damian Marley, Vancouver, 2005

OK so its a top four then. Other honorable mentions:

Jawbox, Winnipeg, 1993ish?
Beastie Boys, Minneapolis, 1993ish?
Super DJ Dimitri, Whistler, BC, 1992
Rheostatics, Toronto, 1995
All, Winnipeg, early 1990's
Mercury Rev, Minneapolis, early 1990's
Rage Aginst The Machine, Minneapolis, early 1990's
Lush, Minneapolis, early 1990's
The Roots, San Francisco, 2000

Good rap shows in a small club:
Third Sight, San Francisco
Atmosphere, Vancouver

Good but not that good:
Tribe Called Quest
Dinosaur Jr

Tyler will probably correct me on alot of this, including shows I liked that I have forgotten about. Word.


Dortch McGirken said...

I have been to amazingly few shows. None of them hip hop. Mostly punk and some metal, although I never really got deep into that stuff. I once had a chance to see the Alkoholiks, but they cancelled from the show I was at. I dig tha Liks. My woman and I are reggae fans, too. I love Black Uhuru, and some Juniour Reid. My woman likes Bushman.

I have seen the likes of Korn, 311, Helmet, No Doubt, bunch of stuff like that. Went to Warp Tour once. That was interesting. But no hip hop, though it is my grug of choice.

rawbean said...

I remember when you saw Lush etc. in Minneapolis. You came back to Brandon with spirals in your eyes saying "Where's my Lush c.d.??" It had fallen behind the cedar chest on the third floor...

Anonymous said...

I saw Dinosaur JR in San Diego, although I like them, all I remember from that show was guitar solos, they were alright solos but f**k play a song.

dinosaur jr - thumbs up
dinosaur jr live - thumbs down.