Saturday, December 31, 2011

happy new year

new years resolution is to blog more than never

i watch tv on my ipad and do dishes with my nifty new American Standard faucet and my fancy new Insinkerator garbage disposal. WHAT

baby is due any day. c'mon baby


pretty soon all the P&C stuff will be on bandcamp. spread the word.

I am spending more time directing than making music, and more time working on shit TV commercials than directing, and more time renovating than working on shit TV commercials

i directed videos this year for Moka Only, D-Sisive, e.d.g.e., Greg MacPherson, Pip Skid, Yy, Taichichi, Ghettosocks/Jeff Spec/Timbuktu/Muneshine... and lots more is coming. So fun.

you know i'm a sellout though, right? But I don't have a clothing sponsor.

So music - The John Smith is done, just needs a cover. Once this house gets fixed up, I'm recording The Bad Sleep Well EP, and the mcenroe LP. And recording/producing/whatever the new e.d.g.e. LP. And more is happening. It just takes time, which I have so little of.

Hey, if you took me up on the P&C deal offer thing from the last blog post, thanks. I sold enough stuff in under 48 hours to cover the debt. Many many people stepped up and helped out and made that stressful situation go away quick. Thanks a ton. And thanks to all y'all who sent their regards, and said they would take me up on the deal if they didn't already own everything!

I'm gonna shut down the P&C store as it is now. And I'm not gonna take credit cards anymore. Its a losing proposition.

You should watch less television, I think. And play fewer video games.

Happy New Year. Hope it goes your way.

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