Friday, February 25, 2005

Tracks for datass

Sending tracks on blogs is the way to go I guess. I'm gonna get with it. Here are tracks that some of my friends and colleagues have released recently.

Shout out to Razorblade Runner, a great blog with tracks several times a week to check shit out.

Cadence Weapon - Julie Will Jump the Broom

I heard CW's whole mixtape and really like his style and voice. This song jumped out at me big time, though. A real original sounding beat and a nice flow. He will be playing with us in Edmonton, looking forward to the live set.

Draft Drodgers present Evil - Too Many Trees (w/ Birdapres)

Just saw these guys live too. I think Evil is smooth as it gets, and live it really works. He doesn't put too much into each bar, never overpowers you, which worked really well live. On the production tip, they pull off a mix of sampling and synth, with a very current sound. Not all of you will dig this but I do...

Sound Barriers - Withdrawl

Gruf hadn't been doing much for the last couple of years, so he hooked up with DJ Brace (CDN DMC champ) who was making some beats and came up with this album. I'm feeling it, but I like Gruf over my beats better. But how can I be objective?

Stace Prints - Soulivar

I first met Stace at Sushi King when I was hanging with Bird. Stace has been around a while, doing his thing, dropping guest verses and whatnot. Finally he has a new EP and it is really growing on me. The five tracks are really diverse. The strings from this one get in my head all the time.

Turn The Gun - Moods Are Seasonal (w/ John Smith)
Turn The Gun is the new name for what used to be Milch & Allegra, I guess. Anyway, its Yy and Gumshoe Strut. I threw three beats at them for their album, this is one of them. I love this track, can you believe they were gonna leave it off the album? And yes, we will have the CD in the P&C store in a week or so... the Foultone Records crew is on tour as we speak.

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