Thursday, December 15, 2005

Another Vid

Up at

This one took a little more time, I hand wrote all of the lyrics and then had to sequence them on the screen as Gruf said them. Some of the lip sync was shot at off speeds so you can see traffic moving very fast and that sort of thing.


Allan L. said...

Y'done good, mister.

rawbean said...

I've seen the 5000 watts na na na na....

Anonymous said...

this video is awesome. gruf is at his best in this song (so far ofcourse) mcenroe! way to keep your videos creative instead of inflated with useless expensive cars and detailed plot line that explains the song..... thank you p&c for giving me some of the finest music, sorry all i can give back is money.


Wally Glutton said...

Consider using Coral or BlogTorrent for video distribution. They'll reduce your bandwidth load, increase download speeds, and let multiple users fetch the vids simultaneously.

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Gruf - Process Assimilate
Gruf - Butcher's Bill

Peace to your pieces.