Monday, June 11, 2012

Ol' Man Winter

I am happy to announce that the new John Smith record, several years in the making, will see release on July 24th. Of THIS year! Thats just over a month away. Wow! It will be distributed by Urbnet records. I have decided to partner with Urbnet because I want to devote more time to making music. The amount of spare time I have to devote to music is shrinking, and I want all of it to be about making music and not about promoting it or selling it. Urbnet is one of the few labels in Canada that has been consistent and devoted to hip-hop, and I have always respected them. So I am very excited that this record is the first under our new distribution. It makes the future brighter for Peanuts & Corn to continue.

So yeah! Hooray! This is the first bit of news I have for you. I have more news coming...

But let me tell you a little more about this record, and a few other things. We recorded it in 2010 I believe. It has 14 tracks. Its banging. Did you get a chance to check the first video we did, the title track?

There are not a lot of guests on this record. Just Pip Skid, Yy, and Birdapres. I think I may have a hook on there too. But there are some really great songs on this record. I am very proud of it, and I know Smitty is too. Check back next week for an advance track from the record, OK?

Also I wanted to thank all the peeps who took the time to email me and get the link for my new EP, Hello World. I really enjoyed all the people who took the time to reach out and ask for the record. Many of you seemed to be glad that I am making music again. And that just gets me more motivated to keep this going. I miss the personal interaction from touring, so something like this is the only way to know if anyone is out there, listening. And if you took the time to get back to me with your thoughts, positive or negative, I appreciate it.

So I plan to continue to offer Hello World as a free EP for the asking. It will soon be on iTunes and Bandcamp for a fee, and there will be exactly 100 CD copies for sale, which will include the instrumentals. But if you want a free link to the download, I am more than happy to oblige. Just drop me a line at roddy at mcenroe dot net, and tell me something.

Last thing... the last album Smitty and I did was really dope, and in my opinion waaaayyy too slept on. Did you hear it? Its called Growing Pains. If you didn't hear it, I am offering physical copies (CD) for 5 bucks, including shipping, to the US and Canada. If you are elsewhere in the world, lets say 8 bucks. This is a paypal deal only - send 5 bucks and your address to paypal at mcenroe dot net, and I will hook you up. This is a limited time deal, say until July 24? Of THIS year?

Later skaters.


Don Luc said...

Is there going to be a physical release for this album or is digi only?

mcenroe said...

It will be on CD as well... available through URBNET / Fontana North or from the P&C Store