Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Soundcloud fun

OK so hey, whats up? I uploaded some tracks onto soundcloud for you to check out. here goes...

First is a track from my new EP, "Hello, World!". It drops next tuesday, the 26th of June. Its called "Stack Silver". I started looking into silver prices, and if you look into silver at all, on the internets, it wont be long until worlds like "collapse" "Fiat currency" "meltdown" and more enter the picture. Pretty interesting.

Next is from the new John Smith LP. It's called "Vandalize The Temple". It kind of became one of my favorite tracks on the new record, and I ended up singing a hook on it. If you heard the beat how it was recorded to in 2010, and how it ended up, you would probably be surprised.

Next is a couple of abandoned tracks from the 2004 Farm Fresh record, for your mild interest only. The first one, origin, was written about how the three of us (Pip Skid, Hunnicutt, and myself) met and started the group. It was the last song we cut from the record, so it had been produced a little more than just a demo. When it came down to it, Hunnicutt felt that the track wasn't that interesting a subject, and I couldn't disagree. What do you think?

Finally, a track also from the same session, called "Is It Because You're Wack". If I recall correctly, it was sort of a take off of the classic "Is It Because I'm Black" by Syl Johnson, at least on a very light, superficial level. But I don't think we nailed it, and we scrapped it.

OK, thats it for this week. I have plenty more to play you coming soon! Thanks for reading.


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