Friday, January 14, 2005

random thoughts jan 14

Just got back from The Aviator. Good flick. Its the first Scorsese flick I have seen in a long time - and I call myself a fan. I think my wife and I were the youngest people in there.

I made the mistake of heading into Tom Lee (music store) the other day to see whats up. I almost got talked into buying a new preamp with nifty digital outs and a new mic. I am happy with my current preamp (although I wish it had digital outs) but I definitely need a new mic - I bought my current mic used off of Moves a few years back and its OK but I can hear its deficiencies now. Anyway, I have a sickness, seriously thinking about spending another $2000 on gear when my setup is just fine and I don't have that much left to record in the next few months.

The Farm Fresh is finally done and at the press. It's called Time Is Running Out. In my opinion, its hot as hell. Upbeat, fun, funny, catchy. When Pip writes alone he gets very personal and so do I, but together we can keep it lighter (although there is some subject matter on here). Tyler (Hunnicutt) did the cover, check it out:

We recorded the Park-Like Setting and Gruf albums over the holiday too. Now I am back in Vancouver and will be working with Bird on his new record. It never ends! Still havent started San Andreas, too much work to do. Hoping to start it before the end of the month...


sean said...

i haven't seen the aviator looks good your new cd sound sick can't wait to buy it i just ordered disenfranchised 2, i played san andreas its hella fun. im crazy about your music it sounds sick dont stop or i will have to buy mainstream bullshit.

Dortch McGirken said...

I'm with Sean. Mcenroe, you drop the dopest beats, and your crew is the baddest. I have been listening to hip hop since I was a little kid. Here I am now, a 30 year old white dude in south Alabama, and I listen to your stuff all the time. It is an inspiration to me and my beat/rhyme endevors. Thank you for the music I love.