Saturday, January 15, 2005

ebay and duran duran

two posts in one night? shiiiit

I have been clearing out my CD collection lately on eBay. I am addicted to selling on eBay, I don't know why. I may sell my entire collection because selling these CDs is more fun than listening to them for some reason. Here are my auctions:

I am moving CDs for now but I will be putting up a large amount of vinyl this weekend and next week.

I heard Duran Duran is coming to Vancouver and I am tempted to check that out. I am seriously sick - I passed on De La soul a bunch of times, Pete Rock, LLoyd Banks, Beatnuts (I had free tickets to Banks and Beatnuts and still didn't go). But I may spend 60 bucks or more to see Duran Duran? I also want to see R.E.M. and the Pixies. Hall and Oates would be good too!


Anonymous said...

Jan 27 Vancouver - DJ QBert.
This is a show I would like to see.

Alison said...

hall & oates?
dooo itttt

p.s. i just found this blog through did you see a few comments ago there was some kid who was like "man, you don't know who i am at all but your shit is amazing"? i'm in the same sort of place.

Anonymous said...

I'm the same way Roddy..All kinds of acts that I'd like to see come through my town and for whatever reason sometimes I don't go. I too have passed on De La 4 or 5 times. I'd love to see'em, I just don't. I almost went to see Casual, Ab Rude and DJ Drez last night here in Austin but it was $17! That's ri-cot-damn-diculous! On top of being an outside show and also 32 degrees out. The weather wouldn't have stopped me...I have to draw a line somewhere. Maybe, maybe $17 for the whole Hierogliphics crew but that's still push'n it.


Anonymous said...

Catch Peanut Butter Wolf on the 25th for some inspiration. Third and fourth quarter profits didn't sound to good. Also, Great idea pitch those mainstream cd's.

The Phantom

Anonymous said...

damn when heiroglyphics came to new orleans it only cot 10$ and shortly after that Aesop Rock performed free... 17$ is steep