Sunday, January 09, 2005

NFL PLayoffs

Not a bad weekend of football!

Chargers / Jets
Poor chargers. That was a heartbreaker. I root for the Jets sometimes and I root for the Chargers sometimes so I was swinging back and forth throughout the game. In the end I was rooting for the Chargers, just because they had a great season, a good turnaround from last year and deserved to keep going.

Seahawks / Rams
Hate the Rams. Really felt for Hassleback on that last play. The look of frustration and agony as the ball slips out of Ingram's hands on the biggest play of the year. Would someone please get him some receivers that can hold on to a ball?

Colts / Broncos
I like the Patriots but I will definitely be rooting for the Colts next week. Indy is so fun to watch on offense. I really think they can find a way to pick apart the Patriots. Whatever happens, the game should be a classic.

Vikings / Packers
I didn't see this coming. Even when the Vikings jumped to a 17-0 lead, I still felt they would lose. They have collapsed so much, so often, that they were bound to finally hang on. Next week I give them a shot against the Eagles. If they can get it together and play a decent defensive game, they could upset the Eagles since the Eagles seem to be lacking in confidence right now.

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Anonymous said...

F the Rams too! Poor Seahwaks and Supa Chargers indeed. It's bout time for Peyton to win a big game. I don't hate the Jets or Herm Edwards. I was just pulling for SD. I think the Vikes will crumble against the Eagles, even with out T.O. Vick will need to pull some rabbits out to advance.