Wednesday, January 26, 2005

NHL in the 05

The sports networks in Canada should offer to pay the rest of the players salaries. Because if they keep showing what they are showing now, they will go out of business. Breaking news:

The Calgary flames players got together and went bowling

Some other player has been installing plastic truck bed liners

Theo fleury is playing in the middle of nowhere, for nothing, and he scores two goals.

Plus they keep showing that pic of Gary Bettman sitting beside Bob Goodenow at that game, and Bettman is acting like a real nancy boy. And that footage of Bettman eating a hot dog. You would think the tape would be worn out by now.


Anonymous said...

I thought he was eating pizza ?

mcenroe said...

Yeah maybe it was pizza, you know what I'm talking about

paul said...

I have a pick-up hour in Boston, so you can send Theo down here if he needs ice time. I think somehow Tampa winning the cup has doomed hockey in a cosmic/karmic way; Calgary deserved it so much (I'm a Bruins fan, but what's right is right. The cup should either be in Canada or at least with an original six team).

Anonymous said...

That's ridiculous! "The Cup should be with the original six" That's like saying the Lakers, Celtics, Sixers should win every year! How boring would that be? Don't get me wrong I was pulling for the Flames as well. You can't say only certain teams should win every year...cmon